Dress Smart.

smart tech. natural performance. open sourced.

The world's first all-natural smart clothes

The smarter way to dress.

Look and smell fresh for weeks — naturally

We use the world's first permanent all-natural coconut-based anti-stink and anti-wrinkle technology to keep your clothes looking and feeling fresh week after week — so you only need to do laundry once a month.


Never break a sweat.

Ride your bike to work, go out for lunch, then meet up after with your Tinder date.

All day every day, our patent-pending world-first dual-action sustainable and truly eco-friendly fabric has your back by pulling in your sweat on the inside but never showing it on the outside.

You have to see it to believe it.

Put on your second skin.

We meticulously engineer every item for 6 months and spend 5x more than big brands crafting proprietary sustainable fabrics all so you can feel more comfortable than anything you've ever worn.

Move freely, keep cool/warm, stay dry, and always look sexy.

You'll feel like you're wearing nothing at all while everyone else is suffering in their "business casual".

Ditch the dress code.

No more business casual.

We design one style every year for the 9-5 breakers and free-range professionals who don't follow the rules. And we will never sell it until it's perfect.

Our styles are understated yet eye-catching to be the only clothes you need to work, live, and travel.

Open Sourced Fashion

You know the exact ingredients of what you put into your body, so why not what you put on it?

We believe you deserve to know everything about your clothes: from how they are sourced, to what chemicals and treatments are used in manufacturing, to the labor conditions of our workers, to what we use in our packaging and shipping, and even what makes up the price. If it goes into crafting our clothes, it's open to you.

We call this new approach to fashion our Open Sourced Fashion commitment.

But it's not just about radical honesty; it's about keeping us accountable to being the world's most sustainable and eco-friendly performance clothing company (we have high aspirations.)

Because human progress shouldn't come at the expense of nature.

Pay fairly.

Most clothes are a rip off.

Instead of hiding our markups behind fancy photos and clever marketing terminology, we show you exactly what our clothes cost to make down to the cent.

We produce everything ourselves and control the entire supply chain.

No retail markups. No middleman fees. No huge social media marketing budgets to drive up prices.

Our Vision

Designed for humans —
not mannequins

Year after year, big brands churn out clothes that only work on a mannequin, not the demanding daily needs your body.

So we spend time engineering smart clothes that perform like a second skin to adapt, evolve, and protect you no matter what life brings.

Creative style —
not business casual

The new professional doesn't follow the corporate playbook. You work and live wherever you want. So why should your clothes hold you back? We were tired of business casual being the only accepted way to dress professionally. So we started over from scratch.

Our style and quality disrupts this trend so you look both professional and free — without needing the monkey suit.

Fair priced quality —
not dropshit

It costs $8 to make those online-only $60 "performance" t-shirts. Online brands charge 3-10x more than cost because they need to spend outrageous amounts of money on social media marketing and advertising because they only have one-time customers.

Our clothes market themselves through our loyal customers who know we deliver on our promises. No BS needed.

Are you a free-range human?

Your eggs are free-range. Are you?

We want to be the brand for driven professionals like you who set their own rules on when, how, and where they live and work. No 9-5. No cubicle. No corporate office dress code. Instead of building another man's paradise, you spend your time and energy relentlessly pursuing your own passions — whether that's from a co-working space in Bali or your own startup's office in San Francisco.

Join the world's next great artists, digital nomads, startup founders, freelancers, and industry leaders who already know that success comes through life lived by your own rules.

Our Mission

We were tired of paying $60 for a "technical performance" t-shirt that was made from harmful plastics, still showed our sweat marks during meetings, stunk after 2 gym sessions, took forever to dry, and couldn't be worn in a professional setting without screaming "You even lift, bruh?"

So we decided to quit our jobs and start leading the industry by creating technical performance clothing from all-natural materials.

11 months later, we had our first prototype. And we are damn proud of it.

Start Dressing Smart.

We're almost ready to start taking pre-orders for our first t-shirt prototypes. Join the waiting list to get a chance to test at cost!

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